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Delivering Personalized Legal Services in Vicksburg, MS

Since 2014, the dedicated team at Campbell & Edney has proudly offered various legal services in Vicksburg, MS, to help clients hoping to move forward and clear their criminal records of felonies and misdemeanors. We don’t want to see our clients' lives continuously tarnished by past incidents. That’s why we pass no judgment on those who visit us in need of record expungement. 

Cases that end in conviction, dismissal, or ultimately receive no action at all can continue to color your record long after the resolution. This information still shows up during background checks for employment, rental applications, and other pre-screening purposes. That’s why seeking legal guidance and putting your needs in the hands of a team well-versed in record expungement is in your best interest. 

Even if you’ve earned a favorable outcome at trial, the initial arrest could still be documented on your criminal record. When your professional livelihood is at stake, we see no reason to let matters sit on your record. An expungement can provide you with the fresh start you need to move forward and grow. Our licensed attorneys will work quickly to determine whether you are eligible for record expungement and explain the steps that we’ll need to take to help you clear your record. Contact our expungement firm to schedule an initial consultation today. 

Contact our expungement law firm in Vicksburg, Mississippi, to see about clearing your criminal record of past offenses. We proudly serve clients statewide.