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If you’ve got a criminal record, it can create several downstream consequences, whether the record is for a series of arrests or convictions. Employers and landlords routinely ask job and rental applicants whether they have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense. Employers may not hire—and landlords may not rent to applicants who have the misfortune of answering “yes” to these questions. Fortunately, in some cases, you can have an arrest or conviction expunged from your record when the aid of skilled legal counsel.

Those who have been arrested typically don’t consider the possibility of expungement until they are applying for a college, a job, or renting an apartment. Campbell & Edney proudly offers legal guidance in Vicksburg, MS to help clients clear their criminal records of misdemeanors or felonies and move on with their lives. Don’t let past incidents continue to impact your life in the present. Turning to an experienced legal team could mean the difference between living with inhibitors and being able to put the offense behind you.

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Erasing Criminal Records for Clients Statewide

Established in 2014, our expungement law firm is committed to erasing criminal records and helping clients move forward, free from unfortunate past mistakes. We help our clients all throughout the state of Mississippi, offering legal guidance and helping them navigate the confusing legal terrain. We work to clear our clients’ criminal records of misdemeanors and felonies as quickly as possible, so they can keep moving forward. An expungement offers a fresh start. Our licensed attorneys will determine if you are eligible for expungement and what steps need to be taken to help you clear your record.

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Even if you earned a favorable outcome at trial, the underlying arrest is still part of your criminal record. Cases that end in conviction, dismissal or no action at all continue to mar your record long after their resolution. This information still appears in background checks for employment, rental applications, and for other purposes. For these reasons, putting your needs in the hands of a legal team committed to erasing criminal records is of the utmost importance if you wish to proceed through life uninhibited.

Our dedicated legal team understands the importance of acting with urgency. When your professional livelihood hangs in the balance, you can’t afford to let matters rest. Call us for your free consultation, share your situation with our legal team, and we’ll determine how to best proceed with your expungement.

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