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Having a criminal record can bring about a death sentence on your sense of independence. While the American justice system is based on repaying debts to society, the cost that convicts bear is heavy. Having a criminal record can influence the decisions of employers and landlords--which can leave you without a home or means to support yourself. 

A criminal record makes living a normal life a challenge. However, with the proper legal guidance in Vicksburg, MS, you can pursue a brighter path. Campbell & Edney help clients clear their criminal records. Through a misdemeanor or felony expungement, you are empowered to move on with your life. Count on our experienced team to offer guidance. With our assistance, you have the support you need to pursue your options and rediscover freedom.

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Since our founding in 2014, our law firm has been committed to erasing criminal records and helping clients explore their legal options. We firmly believe that everyone deserves another chance and that the past should remain where it is. Our team works closely with clients to help them navigate the often-confusing legal system, which can lead the way to the expungement of misdemeanors and felonies.

Expunging an offense allows you to get a fresh start on your life. As attorneys, we can help you towards the best possible outcome. Our legal services provide insight and guidance on whether expungement is a viable strategy. If it is, then we will help you with the process. Our team will walk you through the steps so that you have a fair chance of clearing your record.

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