Overseeing the Possibility of Expunging an Arrest or Conviction

Eliminate the need to explain a legal lapse in judgment when you were much younger or an arrest that was not pursued. The laws of Mississippi allow for expungement of specific felony convictions, but under certain circumstances, they are extremely fact-sensitive and not easily navigable. For this reason, we encourage you to fill out our contact form as completely and accurately as possible. We will notify you of your status after the requested information is provided and reviewed by one of our attorneys.


With nearly 10 years of experience, our expungement attorneys have handled expungements of all types at every level, including the circuit court, municipal court, county court, and justice court. If you qualify for expungement, we will discuss the most efficient way to move forward and clean your criminal record, which helps make you more competitive for hiring. Feel free to call Campbell & Edney to learn more about how we can expunge criminal records, clear arrests, clear conviction, and more.